Name On tour New
A Crashed Blackbird Called Rosehip (CH)
A Tale Of Golden Keys (DE)
Aidan Knight (CA)
And The Golden Choir (DE)
Anika (solo) (GB)
Astronautalis (US) On tour
Astronauts (GB)
Barbarossa (GB)
Beaty Heart (GB)
Blackie And The Oohoos (BE)
Born Ruffians (CA)
Camera (DE) On tour
Ceschi Ramos (US)
Com Truise (US)
Cristobal And The Sea (GB)
Dan Mangan (CA)
Dans Dans (BE)
Dans La Tente (CH)
Dear Reader (ZA)
Demob Happy (GB) On tour
dePresno (NO)
Der Herr Polaris (DE)
Eliza Shaddad (GB)
Ellas (CH)
Emilie & Ogden (CA)
Epic Rain (IS)
Esben & The Witch (GB) On tour
Exploded View (GB)
Garda (DE)
Hannah Epperson (CA)
Heidi Happy (CH)
Isbells (BE) On tour
Isolation Berlin (DE) On tour
Jacco Gardner (NL)
Joy Wellboy (BE)
Kalle Mattson (CA)
Kelly Lee Owens (GB)
Keston Cobblers Club (GB)
lilly amoung clouds (DE) On tour
Listener (US)
Living Hour (CA)
Lord Kesseli & The Drums (CH) On tour
Low Roar (IS)
Matthew And Me (GB)
Morgan Delt (US)
Mutoid Man (US)
Neil Halstead (GB)
Novella (GB)
One Sentence.Supervisor (CH) On tour
Orenda Fink (US)
Oum Shatt (DE) On tour New
Pick A Piper (CA) On tour New
PYRIT (CH) On tour
Rah Rah (CA)
Richard Walters (GB) On tour
Royal Canoe (CA) On tour
Sir Was (SE) On tour New
Spill Gold (NL)
Sun Kil Moon (US)
Talking To Turtles (DE) On tour
The Bronze Medal (GB)
The Elwins (CA)
The Feather (BE)
The Green Apple Sea (DE)
The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company (CH) On tour
This Is The Kit (GB)
Vuurwerk (BE)
Warm Graves (DE)
We Are The City (CA)
Yellow Teeth (CH) On tour
Yesterday Shop (DE)
Young Rival (CA)
Name On tour New